Fiber-Tech Engineering, Inc. Manufacturer of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic FRP Corrosion Resistant Equipment - FRP Tanks, FRP Duct, FRP Pipes, FRP Fume-Hoods, FRP Scrubber Vessels, Field Service and Repairs. Custom Composite Products by RTM and VARTM processes.
Manufacturers of FRP Corrosion Resistant Products

FRP Tanks, FRP Duct, FRP Pipes, FRP Fume-Hoods, FRP Scrubber Vessels, FRP Field Service and Repairs. Please click to view our products!
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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) has been used for various types of equipment since early 1950. Its use has since continued to grow! The chemical resistance of an FRP product is dependent on the type of resin used and the quality of the fabrication process. At FT Eng Inc., we incorporate premium resins and materials with quality controlled manufacturing to produce superior corrosion resistant equipment.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance to a wide range of Acids,
  Caustics, Chlorides, Solvents and Oxidizers
Considerable savings in weight, against equivalent metal systems
 Requires no cathodic protection

 Very high strength to weight ratio
 Simple and effective jointing - lower installation costs
 Non conductive, but can be made electrically conductive, as required
 Wide range of temperature - cryogenic to 350° F
 Fine internal finish providing excellent flow characteristics
Good thermal insulation
High fire resistance, as required
Minimal maintenance cost
Can be molded in to complex shapes


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